Secure your personal information and keep control of it at all times.

  • Secure storage
  • Control access
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Secure your company’s processes for collecting and managing personal information.

  • Reduce administration costs
  • Comply with regulations
  • Enhance customer experience
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Securing personal information


Secure your personal information, share it and remain in control of who has access.


Be compliant in the way you handle personal information about your customers.

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A society where personal information is handled in a responsible and secure way.

How it works

Personal Business


Create your identity account here or when you first share information with a company that uses NewBanking Identity.

Add information to your account.

Easily and securely share your personal information and control who has access to it.


Invite your customers to share information with you

View the shared information with audit logs, validation of ID documents and much more

Easily remove information that you are no longer allowed to store - in full compliance with the GDPR

Create a free account to securely share your information

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