Better user experience. Save money. Be compliant.

Give your customers a more convenient and transparent way of sharing information with you while reducing your costs and complying with the requirements of GDPR and KYC regulation.

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The problem

It is increasingly difficult to keep internal processes up to date with the ever-increasing regulatory requirements on data security and privacy. Additionally, customers now expect an easier, faster and fully digital solution that they can engage with at their own convenience.


Collecting and verifying information and documents about your customers is often a manual and tedious process that takes up a significant part of your employees’ valuable time.

Unsatisfying user experience

Complex and unintuitive processes is the norm for sharing personal information, often with a lack of transparency to the customer.

Difficult data management

When a customer relationship ends, their information needs to be removed. But some information needs to be kept securely for an additional number of years.

Poor compliance

With ever changing regulations, it is difficult to keep up and remain compliant. But failure to do so could lead to fines, loss of customer trust, or both.

The solution

NewBanking Identity offers a better customer experience, reduced costs and compliance with regulations.

Reduce costs

Automate manual processes and avoid the hassle of collecting, storing, verifying, and managing access of customer information.

Better user experience

Use our modern user interface and set up simpler data processes for your customers. Also, offer them full transparency on what information you have from them.

Simplify data management

All personal information about customers is indexed and searchable, and it can be automatically deleted and archived when a customer relationship ends.

Better compliance

You are always in control of who you have given access and you can withdraw access at any time.

How it works

Invite your customers to share information with you.

View the shared information with audit logs, validation of ID documents and much more.

Easily remove information that you are no longer allowed to store - in full compliance with the GDPR.



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